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Power of the dollar 2000 1. The Hit
2. The Good Die Young
3. Corner Bodega
4. Life's on the Line
5. That Ain't Gangsta
6. As The World Turns
7. Ghetto Qu'Ran (Forgive Me)
8. Da Repercussions
9. Make Money by Any Means
10. Material Girl 2000
11. Thug Love
12. Slow Dough
13. Gun Runners
14. You Ain't No Gangsta
15. Power of the Dollar
16. I'm a Hustler
17. How to Rob
Guess who s back 2002 1. Killa Tape Intro
2. Rotten Apple
3. (skit)
4. That's Whats Up
5. U Not Like Me
6. 50 Bars
7. Life's on the Line
8. Get Out the Club
9. Be a Gentlemen
10. Fuck You
11. Too Hot
12. Who U Rep With
13. Corner Bodega
14. Ghetto Qu'Ran
15. As The World Turns
16. Whoo Kid Freestyle
17. Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
18. Doo Wop Freestyle
Get rich or die tryin 2003 1. Intro
2. What Up Gangsta
3. Patiently Waiting
4. Many Men (Wish Death)
5. In Da Club
6. High All the Time
7. Heat
8. If I Can't
9. Blood Hound
10. Back Down
11. P.I.M.P.
12. Like My Style
13. Poor Lil Rich
14. 21 Questions
15. Don't Push Me
16. Gotta Make it to Heaven
17. Wanksta
18. U Not Like Me
19. Life's on the Line
The massacre 2005 1. Intro
2. In My Hood
3. This Is 50
4. I'm Supposed to Die Tonight
5. Piggy Bank
6. Gatman and Robbin' - featuring Eminem
7. Candy Shop - featuring Olivia
8. Outta Control
9. Get in My Car
10. Ski Mask Way
11. A Baltimore Love Thing
12. Ryder Music
13. Disco Inferno
14. Just a Lil Bit
15. Gunz Come Out
16. My Toy Soldier - featuring Tony Yayo
17. Position of Power
18. Build You Up - featuring Jamie Foxx
19. God Gave Me Style
20. So Amazing - feat. Olivia
21. I Don't Need 'Em
22. Hate It or Love It (G-Unit Remix)

Get rich or die tryin(soundtrack)

2005 1. Hustlers Ambition
2. What If
3. Things Change - Spider Loc
4. You Already Know - Loyd Banks
5. When Death Becomes You - M.O.P.
6. Have A Party - Mobb Deep
7. We Both Think Alike
8. Don't Need No Help - Young Buck
9. Get Low - Loyd Banks
10. Fake Love - Tony Yayo
11. Window Shopper
12. Born Alone, Die Alone - Loyd Banks
13. You A Shooter - Mobb Deep
14. I Don't Know Officer
15. Talk About Me
16. When It Rains It Pours
17. Best Friend
18. I'll Whip Ya Head Boy
Curtis 2007 01. Intro
02. My Gun Go Off t
03. Man Down [Censored]
04. I'll Still Kill
05. I Get Money
06. Come & Go
07. Ayo Technology
08. Follow My Lead
09. Movin on Up
10. Straight to the Bank
11. Amusement Park
12. Fully Loaded Clip
13. Peep Show
14. Fire
15. All of Me
16. Curtis 187
17. Touch the Sky


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